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Tuesday, October 28, 2008


How cold is -20?

It's not cold enough to set a two liter bottle of Coke on the porch and have it chilled in 20 minutes, but it is cold enough that you can set a six pack of Coke inside, next to the door and it will be nicely chilled in 20 minutes.

Monday, October 27, 2008


Real conversations

Typical Friday night conversations

Two dudes standing outside my cab: I ain't got any money. You got any money? I ain't got any money. You got any money? I ain't got any money. Shh. Shh. Just get in.

Dude: Take us to (such and such hotel).

Me: You got any money?

Dude: Of course we got money.

Other dude: We wouldn't get in a cab without money.

Me: Well. You'd better show it to me.

Dude: Are you kidding? We got money.

Me: No. Let me see it.

Dude: Let's just go.

Me: You in a hurry?

Dude: Yeah. We're in a hurry.

Me: Better hurry and show me your money so we can leave.

Dude: You are a money grubbing piece of shit, man.

Me: Thank you.

Dude: Just go.................... OK. OK. I'll show you my money. Just go.

Other dude: Fuck, you're a greedy bastard.

Dude: (Fishing out his wallet) There. Money. See it? Now can we go?

Me: I saw two dollars in there.

Dude: Those were twenties.

Me: What, like... Rhodesian twenties?

Dude: I showed you my money, now just go.

Me: Why don't you guys just catch the next cab?

Dude: (Getting out) What's your number? I'm reporting you.

Other dude: Fuck, you are a money grubber.

Me: Great. Have a good night, guys.

An hour later they were still standing there.

Picked up a guy who walked out of a bar and got into my cab as I was dropping off some passengers. The ride was uneventful and quiet for the first several minutes.

Dude: I can't believe I got kicked out.

Me: Oh. What happened?

Dude: Nothing.

Me: (Skeptically) You were just sitting there minding your own and got kicked out?

Dude: Yeah. Can you believe it? My friends, the bartender, the bouncers, the people sitting around me just got into my face for nothing. No reason whatsoever.

Period of silence

Dude: I can't believe they just ganged up on me like that. Some friends they are.

Period of silence

Dude: I should have just hit that faggot.

Me: (Laughing) So there was an incident before you got kicked out?

Dude: No. I didn't lay a hand on that faggot. I should have fucking punched his fucking face.

Me: (Laughing.) Sounds like the whole world is out to get you.

Dude: What are you talking about?

Me: (Laughing.) You started to tell me you had absolutely no idea why you got kicked out. You know exactly why you got kicked out.

Period of silence while the dude stewed in the back seat

Dude: I should have hit that faggot..... Are you native?

Me: What's that got to do with anything?

Dude: I'm just asking.

Period of silence

Dude: Well, are you?

Me: What do you care?

By this time, it's pretty clear from his tone and manner that he is thinking about starting a fight with me.

Dude: You're a dense son of a bitch. Let me put this so you can understand. If I were to throw eggs at a Indian as we drove by, would you care?

Me: (Laughing) I'm a dense son of a bitch? You just got kicked out of a bar and have no idea why. Now you are getting kicked out of a taxi and will probably tell your mommy you have no idea why.

Dude: You're kicking me out?

Me: Yeah. Get out.

Dude: Why are you kicking me out?

Me: Just tell your momma it's a big, unjust world and everyone is out to get you just because you're an asshole.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Secondhand cab story- No good deed goes unpunished

In Fairbanks in addition to the fare and drop it is customary to charge an extra dollar for each extra passenger. Some drivers are extra-passenger-nazis charging for infants and dogs. Others, such as myself, would never charge for infants and may or may not charge for children, depending upon the situation.

A driver picked up a lady with a couple kids. When she got into the cab she said, "Please, please don't charge me for my kids. I only have enough money to get me home." It was a fairly long trip, and the driver let the extra passengers slide.

A week later the lady called for a cab and requested that particular driver.

He recognized the address. Ah ha, he thought, I'm being rewarded with more business for my kindness.

Turns out, the kids had missed their school bus. Since he said he wouldn't charge for the children the mother was expecting him to give the kids a free ride to school.



Christina Christian


Monday, October 13, 2008



Isaac Sam

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Opportunity lost

Very busy pushing hack last night.

At one particularly busy point a new cab driver came on the radio and asked, "Where is 'E' street?"

Now, this dispatcher does not appreciate drivers tying up the radio with smart alek comments when it is busy... so I held my tongue. I will never again in 100 years of driving taxi have the opportunity to use this line, so I thought I'd share it with you, my readers.

What I wanted to say: Over in Hamilton Acres the streets are named A, B, C, D, Double D, and F. There is no E street.

Friday, October 10, 2008


That explains a lot

I suppose this is Common Sense 101, but I was kind of shocked by this revelation.

A thread on the BGG political forum asked readers their IQ.

Over 90% of respondents said their IQ was over 120. Over 80% said their IQ was over 130, nearly 1/3 said their IQ was in the 140 range, and over 20% said they were above 150.

For reference: 5% of the population is above 120-125 depending on the source. One point some odd percent of the population has an IQ above 130. One in 1000 has an IQ above 150. Twenty percent of respondents claimed their IQ was above 150.

SHAZAM! That's why intelligent conversations are so rare over there. Everyone thinks he is special. Everyone thinks he is the smartest person in the room.

I wonder what the IQ results really are? It would be very interesting to give respondents a real IQ test. I suspect the curve would be much closer to the theoretical curve.

I wonder what the self-reported results would be on other internet sites?

Does anyone consider themselves to be less smart than average?

Friday, October 03, 2008


Things I would have never learned if I wasn't a boardgamer

Stumbled upon this game Army of Ireland.

Apparently, some Irish-American Civil War vets hatched a plan to invade Canada. They did so, made a good showing for themselves, but were thwarted by the US stopping their reinforcements at the border.

The Armchair General has a pretty good review of the game, along with a brief overview of the invasion. Gameplay is described as follows:

The Canadians are at a heavy disadvantage; they begin the game heavily outnumbered and outgunned by the better-equipped Feinians, and short ammo supplies will force them into even closer range as the game progresses. To their advantage, both sides start the game well out of long range for their weapons, so the Canadians have a little time to prepare.


Wednesday, October 01, 2008



Been playing a lot of Agricola, lately.

I should write a review.

Haven't had a day off in weeks or I would write a real review.

Tentative review:

Good game. I like it more each time I play.

Deeper review, albeit very lame:

I like it with 1 player. I like it with 2 players. I like it with 3 players. I like it with 4 players. I like it with 5 players. Unique in that respect. Works fine with 1-5 players.

Best with 5.

For a $70 game it is a good value.

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