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Friday, November 13, 2009


Boardgames: Dominion

Been playing Dominion and the expansions recently. Must say that I've been enjoying myself.

The original game is solid in its own right. The first expansion, Intrigue, which is also a stand-alone game, is kinda weak as a stand alone game but good as a supplement to the original. The second expansion, Seaside, is a very good expansion.

Dominion is a card game along the lines of CCGs like Magic: The Gathering except it is not collectible. Every card comes in the base game or expansions. It is not a money pit like M:tG.

Dominion was recently named as the Spiel des Jahre or the German game of the year. For the uninitiated that is the most significant award in the realm of boardgames.

As I try to elaborate on my feelings toward the game I find I am stumped. Suffice it to say that gameplay is simple yet dramatically varied from game to game. My 10-year-old daughter was able to trounce three grown men in one game, yet the game is not simplistic. The game is easy to learn yet subtle. There is no perfect strategy, yet know-it-alls will proclaim it so.

Forget trying to elaborate, I'm going to go play again. Have a good day.

Sunday, November 01, 2009


What a good night. A Halloween without stories.

I generally try to avoid driving a taxi on amateur nights, specifically: New Years, St. Patrick's Day, and Halloween, but of the three Halloween is usually the best night to work.

Last night, Halloween night, was a great night to drive a cab. I had contemplated staying home and playing games, but decided to go join the rat race and earn a buck.

I only had one group of dumb asses all night, and I didn't even leave the parking lot with them. No one wanted to run on the fare. No one argued that the meter was running too fast. The dispatcher was surprisingly calm for such a busy night. No one accused me of going the long way. People were mostly still there when their cab pulled up i.e. didn't catch a ride with a friend or other taxi and not call to cancel. All of that is simply what you should expect on a busy night, especially busy nights that traditionally have many people who don't normally take taxis.

Everyone was friendly. Passengers offered intelligent conversation. Tips were good. Stayed busy all night. Traffic was smooth. Didn't have to go on Ft. Wainwright a single time.

What a great night to be a cab driver in Fairbanks.

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