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Friday, October 03, 2008


Things I would have never learned if I wasn't a boardgamer

Stumbled upon this game Army of Ireland.

Apparently, some Irish-American Civil War vets hatched a plan to invade Canada. They did so, made a good showing for themselves, but were thwarted by the US stopping their reinforcements at the border.

The Armchair General has a pretty good review of the game, along with a brief overview of the invasion. Gameplay is described as follows:

The Canadians are at a heavy disadvantage; they begin the game heavily outnumbered and outgunned by the better-equipped Feinians, and short ammo supplies will force them into even closer range as the game progresses. To their advantage, both sides start the game well out of long range for their weapons, so the Canadians have a little time to prepare.


No wonder the Canadians are so paranoid...
...I also believe that the best way to learn about history is through good historical simulations! This is but one example of something that otherwise would be forgotten in some library and not brought up except by some obscure chance that a history teacher knows about it. I've learned, mostly through war gaming, many obscure facts about wars that were never taught in any of my history classes.

If I ever home school my boys, they will understand the fundamentals of military strategy, military science, and military history that only good simulations like this board game can bring! Yes, they will still learn from the text books, but there is more depth than mere books that can be delivered when you are moving pieces according to a set of rules similar to what military planners use!
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