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Sunday, October 19, 2008


Secondhand cab story- No good deed goes unpunished

In Fairbanks in addition to the fare and drop it is customary to charge an extra dollar for each extra passenger. Some drivers are extra-passenger-nazis charging for infants and dogs. Others, such as myself, would never charge for infants and may or may not charge for children, depending upon the situation.

A driver picked up a lady with a couple kids. When she got into the cab she said, "Please, please don't charge me for my kids. I only have enough money to get me home." It was a fairly long trip, and the driver let the extra passengers slide.

A week later the lady called for a cab and requested that particular driver.

He recognized the address. Ah ha, he thought, I'm being rewarded with more business for my kindness.

Turns out, the kids had missed their school bus. Since he said he wouldn't charge for the children the mother was expecting him to give the kids a free ride to school.

Thats it...I'm charging extra for pregnant women and by the seed for fertile men.
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