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Friday, October 10, 2008


That explains a lot

I suppose this is Common Sense 101, but I was kind of shocked by this revelation.

A thread on the BGG political forum asked readers their IQ.

Over 90% of respondents said their IQ was over 120. Over 80% said their IQ was over 130, nearly 1/3 said their IQ was in the 140 range, and over 20% said they were above 150.

For reference: 5% of the population is above 120-125 depending on the source. One point some odd percent of the population has an IQ above 130. One in 1000 has an IQ above 150. Twenty percent of respondents claimed their IQ was above 150.

SHAZAM! That's why intelligent conversations are so rare over there. Everyone thinks he is special. Everyone thinks he is the smartest person in the room.

I wonder what the IQ results really are? It would be very interesting to give respondents a real IQ test. I suspect the curve would be much closer to the theoretical curve.

I wonder what the self-reported results would be on other internet sites?

Does anyone consider themselves to be less smart than average?

You are correct, of course, but I suspect gamers have slightly above-average IQ's.
That depends on how much dope you smoked in the 80's learning D&D.
Oh wow, I need to stay out of that thread. I'm probably "above average", but I ain't no 150+ that's for sure.
I am thick as shit.
Gamers are great at systems, and a lot of IQ tests are about regonising systems and patterns.

Setting much store at all in IQ tests is a sure sign that someone isn't curious/sceptical enough, quite apart from anything it says about their IQ.
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