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Monday, February 01, 2010


To my two readers: Sorry for the lack of posts.

My life is in a bit of flux right now.

Back to the old part-time job, now working there full-time. Been busy. Haven't driven a taxi in a month or more, although I plan on driving again, and soon.

The comedy that happens at my other job is over the top. Wish I could share. I can't because I'm bound by confidentiality laws. This town is too small to even try to disguise the identity of the people I'm dealing with on a day to day basis. A big city nurse could get away with it, I dare not even try.

You have more than two readers, just not everyone is as vocal as some :)
I feel your pain with the confidentiality thing. Every day some blogworthy crap happens at work and I am legally and ethically bound NOT to share it.
Brilliant pic !!
man that is so funny! There was this big fat slob nurse that i used to work with..he used to drive a taxi too...very incompetant...doubt it is you, this guy is about to get his WHOLE company in trouble for his work related actions...some people just dont think...Sometimes people just arent what they appear....some things you just cant shred:)
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