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Monday, December 28, 2009


Do you care if we smoke?

Two young girls get in the cab in the middle of the night

Passenger: Do you care if we smoke in here?

Me: Are you old enough to smoke?

Passenger: Of course we are old enough to smoke.

They get into the cab and shut the door.

Passenger: So can we smoke in here?

Me: (Gagging) Please do. It will cover up the smell of crack.

Passenger: What!?!?

Me: I said to go ahead and smoke. It will cover up the smell of the crack you've been smoking.

Passenger #1: We haven't been smoking crack.

Passenger #2: You can smell it?

good one. not funny. just solid and truthful.
Priceless!! I gotta remember that one!
nice one! haha this is priceless, very funny story.
haha nice! this is a good one. Never heard it before, very original.
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