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Sunday, October 04, 2009


Line of the night

(That's a double entendre, nudge nudge)

Passenger: Hey, give me a twenty.

Other Passenger: What?

Passenger: Come on, just spot me a twenty.

Other Passenger: Dude, you're drunk, we're going home, what do you need money for?

Passenger: Come on, man. I'll pay you back tomorrow.

Other Passenger: Okay. Just tell me what you need it for.

Passenger: All I got are ones. I can't be seen snorting coke with ones.

Funny. Saw you out in the feeding frenzy. Arctic Cab is serious. They offered to pay for moving and free lease's for a month to a couple of our drivers.
Oops. I was a month of free rent offered and paid for as it turned out. I heard about one of your guy's going over there also.
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