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Monday, September 14, 2009


Cash Cab

A couple got into the cab:

Dude: Oh man! This isn't the cash cab. I was feeling lucky.

Me: Oh what the hell. Let's play cash cab.

Dude: Bring in on!

Me: What's the longest tributary of the Yukon River?

Chick: The Yukon!

Dude: What's a tributary?

Me: Uhhhh. No.

Dude: Give us another one. Don't make it so hard.

Me: What's the capital of Canada?

Chick: Calgary!

Dude: No! It's Saskatchewan!

Chick: Saskatchewan is a state, dumbass.

Me: Well.... No. It's not Calgary.

Dude: It is Saskatchewan, isn't it!

Me: You realize if this was cash cab I'd have to kick you out?

Dude: Ah man. Give us one more.
Me: Pfffff. What's Mickey Mouse's first name?
Dude: Who?

And that was the end of cash cab.

You realize your IQ probably dropped a couple points just from that brief conversation with them?
Upon further reflection I can't actually confirm the longest tributary of the Yukon.

I was thinking it was the Tanana, which runs along the south side of Fairbanks.

Basically, I thought it was as if I was asking someone from Kansas City or St. Louis to name the longest tributary of the Mississippi.

It now seems to me as if the Tanana is merely the longest tributary of the Yukon with its headwaters in Alaska.

I am curious. Can anyone name me the river that is the longest tributary of the Yukon?
Its a little extreme to kick them out. What do they get if they are correct? A couple doritos maybe. If the are wrong hit the extra button. :)
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