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Monday, August 24, 2009

Two drunk chicks drop their car off at a friend's house and call for a cab. They were barely 21 if they were 21.

Long story short they thought they were pretty cute. In fact they were just obnoxious. They spent the whole trip annoying me with little cutsy-isms and foul language that would shame a sailor.

They did not know the address to which they were going, so instead of calling their friend to confirm an address they had me drive up and down the street until they saw a car that looked familiar. The fare came to something like $15, it would have been 10 or 12 if they knew where they were going.

You're going to give us a discount, right?

Not tonight, ladies.

But we're cute enough for a discount, don'chya think?

No comment. I just let that one go. One of them handed me a ten.

Come on. It's 15, girls.

You don't think we're cute?

I think smart chicks are the cutest.


What's the capital of Canada?

End of conversation. Got paid. No tip, though.

BTW. The check in the previous story was good.

Guy gets into my cab at the Arctic.

Guy: Cabdriver, I want crack.

Me: I can't get you crack.

Long pause.

Guy: You lie.

We are assumed to be the worst. I don't get involved in their misadventures. Its a dangerous enough job as it is.
I must be brilliant and hot because you give me free rides all the time.
Great story. Keep them coming.
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