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Saturday, August 29, 2009


Drunk Math

The fare came to $8. The lady had a ten, a five and a one.

For some reason she did not want to part with the ten spot.

She looked through her purse searching for more ones. She found none. She went through her purse again. She got out of the cab and went through her pockets. Nothing. All she had was a ten dollar bill, a five dollar bill and a one dollar bill.

She gave up and handed me the ten. I handed her two dollars change.

She looked at her money. She looked at me. She looked back at her money and said, "Hold on." She looked at me. She looked at her money and counted it through squinted eyes.

"Wait! I've got eight dollars here. Give me back that ten."

Nah, that wasn't drunk math. Classic Con. Trying to get two bucks out of you. :D
The flower shop where I used to work always attracted its share of drunks. You wouldn't believe how many guys thought a rose could buy them out of trouble when they were stumbling home drunk at 10 or 11 a.m. I always liked to try to guess if they had started early or just stayed late.

This post almost made me nostalgic for them. (Almost.)
Thats funny.

A gut gets in my cab and say "I bet you a hundred bucks I can guess your birthday within four days."

No. I don't like birthdays.


Ah, come on.

I'll give you a buck.

Ok..... Wednesday.

I gave him the buck. Sucker. :)
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