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Monday, July 27, 2009


Obama acted stupidly

Everyone was eager to believe the cop was a racist. Now that the facts are known, why will no one call the racist professor with a chip on his shoulder the racist that he certainly appears to be?

Don't you know, its not racist to hate white people!
And this surprizes you?
Sorry to being a bother, but can you explain the reference to a non-Us-Reader? :-)

An acquaintance of Obama was arrested for disorderly conduct.

He lost the keys to his house. Was breaking into his own home. The neighbors called the police. The police arrived, the man got mouthy. He followed the police out of the house once they established his identity, seems to have been a jackass and was arrested for disorderly conduct.

Obama called the cop a racist and said he acted stupidly in a press conference.

As the details come out, the home owner (who is a Harvard professor) looks like a racist. The cop looks like the most non-racist you could ever hope to meet.
Yeah, that should have been an opportunity to keep his mouth shut (as we say in Germany ;-)
It's wrong for the police to arrest someone just because they're not polite. The cop should have just left, after giving the man his name and badger number as requested.

Do you think the the police should just arrest everyone who disagrees with them on disorderly conduct?
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