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Sunday, April 19, 2009


What's been going on with me...

Well let's see.

Met local blogger Michael "Sudsy" Sutherland at the gun store the other day. I was wearing a Boardgamegeek T-shirt which he noted and was the spark for our conversation. Talked about getting together for a game. Sounds like we will have to work to find a mutually acceptable time, but I hate knowing that a potential gamer lives just down the road from me and we haven't been able to meet for a boardgame.

Haven't been driving a cab much lately. I got drafted to go full time at my second job. Been full time there in the past, and part time suits me much better. I like the hours and the eight hour shifts, but I'm getting burned out. I'd much rather have two part time jobs than one full time job.

Played Through the Ages..... finally. Don't know about it. It wasn't what I was expecting, and more fiddly although not excessively so. It is currently the #5 ranked game on BGG. It is a pretty good game, but I'm not ready to get on the bandwagon. Seems like more of an exercise in card drawing along the lines of Ticket to Ride, but with a ton of chrome. I am itching for another game, though. It did leave me intrigued enough to play more. :fingers crossed:

Chicago Express is now the game I'm itching to learn.

Dropped Phoenicia down to an average rating with more play. Confusing rules played a role, too few options played a role.

Bumped Indonesia up to a 9 with more play. Great game. Serious component flaws. With better components a few rules could be changed to make a great game. For example a way to distinguish plantations of different companies would be oooooh so helpful.

Good reporting....


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