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Sunday, April 26, 2009


The big four oh.

Well, the wife took me out for dinner on my birthday. We had a great meal at Bobby's. Had calamari (the good kind, deep fried with tentacles still dangling) and the stuffed grape leaves for appetizers then some (unremembered) pasta dish for the main course. The wife had shrimp. They were kind of rubbery, I'm glad I went with the pasta. Good stuff. The kids hated it. To be fair they hate all restaurants that don't serve smiley face pancakes.

I ate so much that I was ready to go home and take a nap. I was uncomfortably full.

But my wife had a surprise up her sleeve. She had arranged for an evening of gaming at the local game store with some of my gamer buddies. Something like 10 adults showed up, plus a few kids. That was fun. Played some Puerto Rico and Dominion. We had to be out by 10, but that wasn't much of an issue as I had to be at work by 11.

Good times. Thanks to my wife and everyone who showed up.

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Gee whiz. With a milestone like this, I would have expected more comments than a lurker and a spammer. Anyhoo . . . I knew once Coldie started gaming, he wouldn't be able to stop. Kind of like eating chips--You can't have just one. Happy Birthday, Darling. And I promise, no more surprise parties.
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Belated congratulations on turning 40. I'm enjoying your blog (both game and taxi stuff). Thanks for all you put into it.
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