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Friday, March 27, 2009


With my renewed interest in Roads and Boats

I am dying to get Antiquity and Indonesia to the table again.

Took Antiquity for a test drive some time ago and just haven't been able to get it played again. Haven't played Indonesia for some time although it has the potential to be as good as Puerto Rico considering the way it plays so well and so differently with different numbers of people.

And for what it's worth.

I suppose, other than my mother, there are close to zero people who read this blog who hail from the Montana High Line.

At any rate, I heard this guy's music on the local college radio station for some time now. I was prompted to see if his music was on YouTube, and indeed it was. I can say that zero (0) other artists I have heard on college radio have prompted me to do any research at all. Unbeknownst to me he is from right across the border in southern Alberta. Close enough, I'll claim him as a homeboy. He has some references in his music that take me back to my childhood. For non-locals his music can stand on its own.

I present to you, Corb Lund.

And perhaps his weakest song, certainly the one with the most unfortunate title, but one that brings me back to the good old days:

Not really my type of music but like the video. Try Hank Wangford who'se the closest I know to a UK verson. Tounge-tied is good
Keith S
Great stuff! I've heard his name for a while, but never sat down and listened. Any fried of Ramblin' Jack's is a friend of mine! I've got him added to my Rhapsody library, and I'll be having a Corb Lund Friday, now...
Really I like this pictures......... Thank u.........

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