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Thursday, March 19, 2009


odds and ends

Played Roads and Boats for a second time in the last couple weeks....... I'm really kicking myself for not having played it for a couple years. This one goes to 11.

Eleven, Baby!

Speaking of pick up and delivery games:

Played the Avalon Hill classic Merchant of Venus for the first time ever at the convention in Anchorage. I was pleasantly surprised. I was expecting something different. What it is, is a pick up and delivery game with a good theme and just enough luck to suit the theme and keep the game interesting. The components and a couple mechanics show their age, but the game as a whole aged well. Didn't play with the rules that allowed stealing and killing opponents. I'd hesitate to play with those rules, they seem rather "tacked on" as an afterthought. Did Avalon Hill refuse to release game that didn't have combat?

And just for the halibut, I'll leave you with this short film. 1 minute 28 seconds of my kind of humor.

Buenos Aires Independent Film Festival: Tom Sellecks

Oh yeah. I scored a copy of the original Avalon Hill Dune.

Merchant of Venus was one of my wife and I's favorite 2-player games back before we had kids. The experience changes a lot with two seasoned players and very little down time; so much so that it's spoiled me to a certain extent to playing in regular games.
Congrats on Dune. Acquiring a grail game always gives me the warm fuzzies.
Congrats on Dune...



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