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Friday, January 16, 2009


What the heck. It's my blog. "Redneck Radio" is what's on my mind.

Commercial music radio has sucked for decades.

Talk radio was a bright spot, but creativity has given way to the same ol' tirades.

College radio/public radio is - as it always has been - uneven. The bad stuff is so bad it is painful to wait around for the good stuff.... opera and classical excepted, that's just not my cup o' tea.

Recently, I've been listening to the new country channel in town. Not bad. No DJs, just music and commercials. The music spans the spectrum. That spectrum is so large that I hesitated to call it country radio. I was considering "Redneck Radio."

You've heard CCR and the Eagles on country radio for years, but Bruce Springsteen? Good stuff. Haggard, Jones, Hank Sr., Hank Jr., Cash, Horton, Roger Miller, Charlie Pride... real country music Webb frickin' Pierce and Jerry Jeff Walker... and blue grass... along with obscure stuff... when was the last time you heard the songs Little Ramona or Uneasy Rider (kicked ol' green teeth in the knee) on the radio? Springsteen, ZZ Top, assorted other non-country bands with redneck appeal and yes, they play some of the current crop of crap, but less crap that the other country station.

All in all this is a refreshing change to the local radio scene. 93.5 FM if you are in the Fairbanks area and care.

What about podcasts?
Not my cup o' tea either.

Amateur. Like college radio it is hit or miss. You have to sift through a lot of misses to get a hit.

That's too much like work.
"The music spans the spectrum"
What, Country and Western?
"The music spans the spectrum"



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