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Sunday, January 04, 2009


Something has got to give -or- Despite my whining, this is why I love this town and will probably never leave. -or- Good gaming weather

Obligatory FBX blogger post on the weather: Day 9 with no relief in sight.

The picture was taken minutes ago.

The official temperature at the airport has dipped below -40 F. for the last 9 days, except Dec. 27, when it reached -39 F. and Jan. 1 when it reached a balmy -38 F.

Looks like today will be the coldest, with the official temperature standing at -45 and it may dip lower.

Of course, it is always a few degrees cooler in North Pole, and a few degrees cooler yet at Coldfoot Manor. Here at the homestead it's been close to -50 every night during this cold snap.

Great points....



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