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Friday, January 02, 2009


Holiday gaming in a nutshell.

Dominion has been a huge hit. I am giving it a solid 10 after more than a dozen plays. Yeah, there is a lot of variation built into the game, but I'm content to play with the same cards again and again just to explore the possibilities of a particular combination. An interesting, yet quick game that gets deeper and intrigues me more with each play.

I've owned Citadels for years and finally played for the first time. Pretty darn good game. The kids love it. Not a lot of subtleties that can be explored, but a fun game. I initially gave it a 7, but after numerous plays it does not seem as if it will get old anytime soon. Bumped it to an 8. Played with some alternate characters and will consider bumping it to a 9 in the near future.

We usually play with the witch instead of assassin in Citadels. It's more friendly with kids.
Thank you. I shall keep this in mind.
Which same cards are you using for dominion? The basic recomended set?
Yes, when my son plays. When my daughter plays we play random cards making sure we have a moat in the mix.
We've gone through all the recommended combinations and have started creating our own.
Thank U for sharing...



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