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Wednesday, November 05, 2008


The Young Socialist or the Old Liberal and what it means to Alaska

Looks like the young socialist won the election, not that the other choice was dramatically different.

Congratulations to him, at any rate.

Many weeks ago I was tired of hearing "It's win-win for Alaska" either Palin goes to Washington or she stays in Alaska.

I never bought that line.

Sarah Palin distinguished herself as a politician of national prominence and a real conservative. In short, she is a threat to the re-election of Mr. Obama. With the Democrats now holding the Presidency and the Congress we can expect to see some retribution in an effort to bring our governor down a few notches. It is not just that the Democrats are anti-oil, could cripple domestic oil exploration, and control 70+% this state with an iron fist, we are very dependant on military and other government spending in this state.

If one base in Anchorage and one base in Fairbanks were closed our state could go into a deep recession. Add to that a couple ill-advised, environmentally-driven regulations on the fishing industry and the hurt to our state would be very dramatic. A minor regulatory change in mine permits could kill that segment of the economy. If the promised gas pipeline is blocked our governor would get a black eye. I doubt the price of oil will be back to $150 a barrel in the next 2 years, which was a windfall for Alaska coffers. Given that most people vote with their pocketbooks, Palin might not get re-elected. At a minimum her high approval ratings would take a big hit and she would be presiding over a floundering economy.

...That is just a start. I foresee bad things for Alaska in the next two years.

I foresee bad thing here in New York as well for 2 years...nice commentary.
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