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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Sooooo, there is this one grumpy old lady who has already provided some humorous fodder for taxi stories. She just has nothing but complaints, she would never say a nice word about anyone.... ever. She's just an unhappy, miserly, big-city gal, stuck in the boonies. In short, she is obviously a liberal democrat.

Anyhoooooo, she was in my taxi with another lady the other day. They were talking about the Presidential race and the topic of Sarah Palin came up. The second lady was a huge Palin fan, despite being a democrat.

Both ladies have strong ties to the east coast, and both commented that their friends and family were calling to get their take on Sarah.

My jaw hit the floor and I was momentarily stunned when grumpy old democrat lady said, "I tell them I didn't vote for her........... but I wish I did."

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