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Friday, September 05, 2008


Reality check

Been reading some ignorant blog posts about the Palin speech on Wednesday night at the Republican Convention.

To those too partisan to realize it: She hit it out of the God damned park.

Palin is not a spur of the moment pick on the part of McCain. In Alaska we have known that she was a potential VP pick for many months.

She wasn't picked because she is cute, she is the real deal.

She wasn't picked in some lame attempt to draw the female vote. She was picked as VP to shore up the conservative vote, and it was a damned fine choice.

Obama was not skewered in the Palin speech. His lack of accomplishments was merely noted with humor.

She is not a light weight who read a speech some nameless writer wrote for her. She was herself.

Sarah Palin was the best pick McCain could have made.

Her experience as Mayor and Governor merely highlights the shortcomings of the Democrat pick for President.

If you don't like Palin, don't read my blog, and definitely, don't post a comment.

If you are relying upon what I am reading in the mainstream media you are misinformed. Sarah Palin is the right choice for America.

Preach it!
hmmmm...i keep thinking grandpa is looking down on all of these fine blogspots...if i were you, i would be prepared for a lichtening strike. written especially for you ;) mom
Grandpa might not have voted for Palin, but certainly he would have voted for the marginal Republican McCain over Obama.
Do you still stand by this? Just curious.

Ab-sol-utely. Palin was the best pick he could have made. He had to pick a conservative to even make it close. Does not matter which conservative he had picked the media would have tried to rip them apart.

Fact of the matter is that this vice Presidential candidate is more qualified for the job than the Democrat Presidential candidate would be for the VP slot. If Obama was Biden's VP the whole world would be scratching its head wondering what the hell Biden was thinking.

Obama has written two autobiographies and not a single piece of important legislation.

Palin took on her own party and trounced them at their own game. She got a gas line accomplished that no one had been able to for thirty years. She has demonstrated that she is a born leader. And on and on and on.

You might not be getting the same story if your source of information is the BBC, but right now it's looking like this election will be a nail biter.

McCain just might win. If he wins all the pundits will do an about face and proclaim the Palin pick was the turning point for him, and the most brilliant move he ever made.

We will see soon enough.
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