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Monday, September 29, 2008


I am still fuming...

It is tough to tell a funny story when one is as angry as I am. Let me just leave you with this one snippet of conversation:

Dude: You only called the police because I'm black.

Me: I called the police because you flat-out refuse to pay.

Dude: I'm not refusing to pay.

Me: Okay, pay.

Dude: No.

Stupidity knows no bounds!

Got to love how the race card gets played freely when all other piss poor excuses fail.
Why does this sound so familiar? Oh, yeah, I forgot. Because I used to work in indigent defense, that's why.

Client: "The police only arrested me 'cause I'm black."

Me: "It has nothing to do with you being caught driving a stolen car?"

Client: "No, Man. It's 'cause I'm black."

Me: "The officer is black, too."

Client: "Yeah, well, he racist."

Me: :rolls eyes:
Thank you for sharing, Shu... whom ever you may be.

Are you local, or reading for the lacking boardgame content?
No, I'm an American living in overseas. I came here from the link on the Wilder By Far blog while reading about Alaska.

Haven't played many games since I was younger, but I enjoy your taxi stories and the information about Alaska.

He's ridiculous!
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