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Friday, September 05, 2008


Finally met a BGGer/recent Geek of the Week; Note to self

Met BGGer Aramis and his family this past weekend. The two of us have tried to meet a couple times in the past, but without success. William was a recent geek of the week, and the first GotW from Alaska, but only because I have declined the nomination several times in the past. (Imagine a tongue sticking out smiley and wink smiley inserted)

Had a good time playing Rheinlander and Shadows over Camelot with our respective spouses over Labor Day Weekend. I should note that my wife won SoC as the traitor. No one, and I mean NO ONE suspected she was the traitor. She barely won after we flipped the white swords to black when she finished the game undetected.

His two children are the nearly the same age as mine, so the whole family had fun.

Second item, and purely for myself: The California Turkey sandwich at Village Inn Restaurant in Anchorage is the best damn sandwich I have ever tasted. Avocados, turkey, pepper jack and whatever else.... damn good. Highly recommended. Should note that I am not an avocado guy, nor even a turkey sandwich guy. This is one goooood sandwich.

I don't expect to be back in Anchorage before the Brimfrost game convention in March, but this and the Days Inn reminder are foremost in my note-to-self lists.

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