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Sunday, September 14, 2008


Cab story/warning for dumpster divers

Picked up this nice, young, hippie woman at the airport the other day.

She related this story to me.

She spotted a brand-spankin'-new, three-piece set of luggage in a dumpster about a week before her trip. She fished the luggage out of the dumpster and used it for her trip.

When she got to Chicago the drug dogs were all over it. And by "all over it" I mean "all over it".

Apparently, someone used the luggage to transport dope and then got rid of the evidence.

Yikes! I wonder if the troopers or FPD would allow the K-9 unit to go over a used vehicle purchase, or transfer station acquisition, like they do in some states as long as it was within days of purchase...
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