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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sooooooo, as usual, the airport police were out harassing people far from the airport area.

They nailed some poor bastard who was in line at Taco Bell. A drunk lady who was walking home had the misfortune of passing the Airport police as they were writing the ticket. They detained her and wouldn't let her continue on foot, because she was obviously intoxicated. Out of the goodness of their heart they called her a taxi, which of course, they expected her to pay for.

I pulled up to give her a ride. She was about 1 block from home. The fare came to $1.70. When I got her home I said, "How 'bout $1? Fair enough?"

"Just a dollar?"

"Just a dollar. I take pity on anyone who has to deal with the airport police."

"Thank you."

"No problem."

She started rifling through her purse, skipping over the twenties, fifties and hundreds, looking for a single dollar bill.

"I have change."

"No. No. I have it right here."

She went through her purse again, only more methodically this time.

"I do have change."

"I've got it right here."

She went through every bill in her purse, again. They were all twenties, fifties and hundreds.

She spent three minutes looking for a single dollar bill.

"Don't worry about it. Free ride."

"No. No. No. I appreciate you picking me up. I want to pay."

Ooooo, I thought. Maybe I'll get a couple dollar tip for being a gentleman. Maybe she was even looking for a five dollar bill to hand me.

A couple minutes later she found a single dollar bill, handed it to me and got out.

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