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Tuesday, August 05, 2008


RANT: You gotta be kidding me

Thread on my favorite boardgame website:

Games for Adults with Intellectual Disabilities

Hi! My brother has an intellectual disability (ie, IQ


That is the entire post. Punctuation included.

Now, this guy raises an interesting question that I don't recall having ever been raised. My interest was piqued. However, the guy completely dropped the ball with his lack of pertinent information. With a little more information this thread could turn into an interesting discussion.

I struggled for a few minutes, wondering how to best phrase the question, "How retarded is he?" Alas, there is just no good way to phrase that question. I decided to take the humorous approach and responded with:

OK. Is he a democrat, or are his intellectual disabilities more profound?

Bam! Suspended from the site.

Someone has some very thin skin. That is just ridiculous.

I am sorry, but that is just silly. The post was far from specific anyways.
For how long?
Two days.

The lady who wrote the republican comment got one day. Fair enough. I did respond again.

Or at least as fair as an injustice can be.
See what happens when I am away for 2-1/2 weeks?
I think that was silly. The comment is clearly in the spirit of fun and not an actually accusation, but if the moderators apply the principle to every group, i.e. on many boards it's okay to say the most hateful stereotypes of Christians and religious people but walk on eggs if you want to address any other group.

Anyways, to be specific it's liberals/marxists that are brain addled, favoring emotion and what they think should be over logic [or applying a double standard to the U.S. than to others].
almost spit my coffee put on my laptop. please warn a guy next time before executing intelligent humor.
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