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Friday, August 29, 2008


Crap. I really want her to remain Governor.

She's the best. I don't blame McCain for picking her.

Good opportunity to ask you about your opinion of the "contenders":
Do you think McCain is a good candidate for the republicans or would you have prefered smeone else?
And Obama - of course hes democrat and youre republican - but what do you think? If there had to be a democrat for next president, would he be your choice or Hillary or someone else?
Well I wouldnt have known who on earth this woman was if it wasnt for your blog, so thanks for that Coldfoot. Im Scottish so I wont get to vote but for what its worth it fells like the republican spoindoctors have put all the relevant data into a computer and its come out with the answer..... "42" ooops no hold on "Mrs Palin". However good she may be I fell she'll be tainted running with McCain

Keith S
A) I am not a Republican.

B) Thompson was the only candidate conservative enough for me. McCain was almost the worst candidate of the contenders in the Republican party.

C) I could not care less who the Democrats nominated. Each is just a different shade of socialism.

Kucinich is the only Democrat who I can respect. Rhetorically he is the most liberal of the bunch, but he is the most honest about the path he would take America. The rest are just as liberal, they realize they cannot be elected if they espouse their far-left views.

I would have voted for Kucinich over McCain, given the choice of those two evils. Of the two Kucinich is the straighter shooter.
I planed to voted for ANYONE, even a Mormon, over O'Barfa. Having Sarah Palin on the ballot just make voting for the lesser of two evils a little more palatable. She is a real person, who has faced real choices and has not let politics define her actions. Before entering politics, she made her way in life the same way the rest of us do. Gov. Palin shook up Alaskan politics and didn't take any crap from the "Good Ole Boys" netwrok. I am certain she will not be bullied by the Beltway gangs or kowtow to foreign wanna-be powers.
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