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Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Coldfoot is not happy

To all the politicians and activists who called me yesterday while I was trying to sleep,

Ahem... I work nights! I sleep days! If someone in your dumbass campaign calls me with a recorded message reminding me to vote I will make it a point to not vote for you!

Got something like seven pre-recorded calls reminding me to vote yesterday. Fuck every one of you. I was trying to sleep.

When I cast a ballot I try to make an informed decision. Calling me with a pre-recorded message informs me that you are an inconsiderate dumbass and not worthy of my vote.

Since today is actually the day we vote I'll keep the phone off the hook. But next time I'm taking names, posting them and campaigning against your dumb ass.

You lose! Good day Sir.

But Mrs. Coldie scored tickets to Garrison Keihlor, so Coldie should cheer up in the next two weeks.
Nice Willy Wonka reference.

'So shines a good deed, in a weary world.'
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