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Friday, August 08, 2008


Agricola arrived today!!!!!!!

Photo lifted from BGG and Henk Rolleman

Happy, happy, joy, joy!! Snoopy dance, Snoopy dance!!

What could be more fun than a game about peasant farmers in the 17th century?

I had a chance to play it last November, so I know it's not another Tempus.

But could it be another Caylus?

Time will tell.

And FYI: This may be the only copy in Alaska. So.... if you want to play you need to pretend to be my friend for a couple days.

I have to pretend I'm your friend every day. What choice do I have? You're a Pub.
I'd own up to being a schlub, but what is a pub?
pub = Republican :)

What's a schlub? That Alaska Slang has me all confused...

Sorry to have given that impression. I'm an irate conservative forced to choose between the liberal party and the socialist party.

All I can do is vote for the most sensible moron, who usually happens to be a liberal Republican.
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