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Thursday, July 10, 2008


The Lean Months

Out-of-towners assume the summer would be the busy time of year for cabs in Fairbanks. They are wrong. As a rule of thumb, the colder it is the busier it is. If the temperature is -40 you could be looking at a 2-3 hour wait for a taxi. This time of year 15 - 20 minutes is a loooong wait.

The truth of the matter is that we get little tourist business. Tourists mostly stay with their organized tour groups. They may take a cab to dinner in the evening, but that is about it.

Most of our business is locals, or Alaskan villagers in town to shop and drink. In the summer our regulars walk or ride bikes. Can't say I blame them. Taxis are expensive.

On a personal note: I haven't been arrested yet. Apparently, the bitch who I called a bitch and who later made some outrageous accusations has made no headway persuading the DA to prosecute me.

I'll tell ya: I have a whole new perspective on women who make false accusations to the police in order to stick it to some guy. I have always thought there should be repercussions for making false accusations, but now I am of a mind that the penalty for filing a false police report should be severe. Even though I know I did nothing, the stress of waiting for something to happen has been immense.

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