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Monday, July 21, 2008


399 and counting

A couple weeks ago I was perusing Boardgamegeek.com and noted I had failed to check the "owned" box on several games that I had commented upon and did, in fact, own. After checking the boxes in question my collection was bumped to 398 individual games, including a few expansions.

This afternoon I scored St. Petersburg in my local game store.

St. Petersburg is a game that every game snob should have in their collection, if only for the sake of snobbishness. A few years ago it was released with much fanfare, was widely compared to Puerto Rico (the most popular boardgame) and was the topic of many, many discussions in boardgame circles. It has since slipped to the 98th highest rated game on BGG.... which still leaves it in the top 2% of all rated boardgames, but is a shadow of its one time greatness. Despite its slip in the ratings St. Petersburg is still a game with many diehard fans.

Personally, I've never played. In years gone by, when I've considered purchasing St. Petersburg there always other games that had a higher priority. Now that I have it I'm looking forward to a game.

The regular readers will note that Coldie bought St. Petersburg the afternoon prior to my two week absence. Could he have an ulterior motive?
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