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Saturday, June 28, 2008


Unofficial passenger poll of "Wanted"

The movie "Wanted" went into wide release today. Picked up two parties who had just seen it.

First party:

Me: So, was it any good?

Chick: It was great. I'm going back to see it stoned.

Second party:

Me: So was it any good?

Dude: It was awesome.

Me: Was it just cool special effects, or was it a descent movie with a plot and good acting?

Dude: Well.... it was... ummmm .... I guess.... ummmm.... it had awesome effects.

Me: But was it a good movie?

Dude: Well... I guess... it was... I dunno.... I guess it wasn't bad.

Bottom line: I'll be skipping it.

Will you be studying the dictionary while I'm at the movie?

decent=average, not totally sucky
Descent=game sitting on the shelf that you haven't played in years.

Sorry to be such a grammar nazi.
You should do this for all the new movies.
It's tough to get fares out of the theater anymore. Theater management quit letting cabs flag out of their parking lot several years ago.

I don't understand why they won't let us park there, perhaps there was an incident with an individual driver, but in years gone by there were always two or three cabs parked outside of the theater on a slow night.

Even if we get a call there, they will come out and tell us to move if we have to wait more than 30 seconds for the passenger to come out.
If a theater drone asks me to leave I say "You got it, Mack.". I pull the cab around a bit later as if I never got the message. I have been asked to leave maybe three times in the last three years. They are under staffed burnt out transients not unlike most Americans these days.
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