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Friday, June 06, 2008


Oooooo, that's good. Advice for taxi passengers.

Lifted this bit of advice from long-time NYC cabdriver G.S. from his blog Cabs are for Kissing.

Is your cabdriver driving like a maniac? Ask him to slow down because you just ate some iffy food and now you feel nauseated.

As long as your driver speaks English, it will work.

I haven't been driving nearly as long as G.S. so my advice is much less nuanced:

Don't call a bitch a bitch. Doesn't matter that you are technically correct. If she really is a bitch she will get back at you.

- If I don't get arrested or sued in the next few days I'll tell the whole story.

-- Seriously. I half expect to be arrested. Bad, bad business calling the wrong bitch a bitch.... several times. Oh well, for what it is worth, she is proving me right.... Once again proving that it may be better to remain silent than be technically correct.

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