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Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Gas Goes Up A Dime Every Week

Remember when you drove by one station, noted that the price went up 2 cents, and hurriedly filled up at the next station that had not yet raised their prices?

All I can do is thank God that I don't live in Canada, or any other socialist country.


Just paid $4.34 for regular.

Looks like the cheapest gas in Finland right now is about $8.86 per US gallon. The difference to US prices is surprisingly small...
well those "socialist" countries who are used to paying high fuel prices are in much better shape to weather coming crunch then we are...they've invested mightily in public transit, they plan their cities so that people don't have to drive cars, and they taxes go towards investments in alternative energy and world class infrastructure. we've done nothing of the sort here, and now that energy is going up, our lifestyles are going to be radically curtailed because we have no alternatives but driving gas guzzling cars long distances in poorly planned cities.

our country is like a heroin addict who is about to go thru some serious withdrawal symptoms.
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