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Monday, May 12, 2008


Who in the world has time to write this?

Must be a prisoner.

Someone left a fifty pound comment on a previous post. Don't exactly know what it is about. Rants about numerous subjects, though.

Sounds like an Obama supporter. Possibly his spiritual advisor.

Here's the link: http://andgames.blogspot.com/2008/05/simple-boardgame-epiphany.html

Scroll to the comments at the end. I actually copied, pasted, and re-posted the rant at the bottom in the off chance that the original poster deleted his comments.

The fourth comment is the one I am alluding to. The fifth comment is my re-post.

You didn't read that mess, did you?

Whoever wrote this was obviously on a drug-induced metaphysical out-of-body exinstential spirit vision quest.

I almost had a flashback to college reading it. WHHOOOAAAA!!! Was that purple giraffe wearing plaid boxers and ruby slippers that just ran across the screen?
I skimmed it for blatant obscenities and very offensive material. Probably missed something.
I've had them comment on mine maybe twice. I think it's some sort of spam. I deleted it and followed commenting that if they have so much to say maybe they should write their own blog.
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