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Friday, May 23, 2008


My only movie review, and a very narrow movie review at that: IRON MAN

Up front: I don't watch many movies. In my opinion, for the last couple decades almost everything to come out of Hollywood has been crap and block-buster special-effects movies are the worst. The last good movies to have relied heavily on special effect were the original Star Wars movies.

Don't e-e-even get me started on The Matrix.... unadulterated crap... possibly the worst movie ever, in my opinion. But, yes, the effects were cool.

Took the kids to see a movie earlier in the week. There were no kid movies playing. Everything was either R, PG-13, Speed Racer, or Narnia. Earlier in the week I had talked to different people in the taxi who had seen Narnia, all thought it was a bit violent for young children (mine are 7 and 8). I had heard a couple radio reviews of Speed Racer and had talked to some people who had seen it. Everyone panned it, so Speed Racer was out of the question.

Iron Man is rated PG-13 for sci-fi violence and brief suggestive content. Didn't sound too bad. The kids wanted to see it. I figured, what the hey, and took them. I figured we could walk out if it was too bad.

I hesitated to pay to see Iron Man, as I said, I find most movies that rely heavily on special effects to be utter crap. Most movies of the genre are simply tools for movie studios to impress audiences with bigger 'splosions or cool computer animation. The plot/script is an afterthought if it is not completely forgotten in most big-budget, special-effects movies and I find most to be unwatchable.

The makers of Iron Man did an excellent job of using special effects to compliment the movie and to move the story forward. There were some cool effects and big 'splosions but they did not seem gratuitous to the storyline.

Gratuitous special effects, to coin a phrase.... Hmmmmm... I kinda like that term.

Good movie. Not a great movie, but a good movie. However, it may be the best big-budget super-hero movie that I have ever seen, remembering that I don't have the patience to sit through more than 15 minutes of most super hero movies.

When it appears on television I will probably make it a point to see Iron Man again. It was quite refreshing. I will probably pay to see the next movie in the series.

Oh, and the kids liked it.

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