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Tuesday, May 06, 2008


For absolutely no reason at all...

...I would like to say that I love rockabilly music and intruduce you the blog of another Fairbanks cabdriver even though he doesn't feature any rockabilly music http://arcticghetto.blogspot.com/. No cab stories, but I strongly suggest that you flood his blog with requests for Fairbanks cab stories... and rockabilly music.

Now, back to that rockabilly music... damn I love this song.

Heeeeere's BR-549

I should point out that Greg drives for a different cab company. That company is more straight-laced. For example, they don't refer to the corner of 23rd and Wilson as "Perry's Crackhouse". Even so, I'm sure he's got some good stories, he just needs to be badgered.

I should further point out that apparently Perry got himself a scanner and objects to the term "Perry's Crackhouse". I hesitate to post the entire story for fear that it would disturb my wife, but Perry met me on the street with a gun the other day after I cleared a trip at "Perry's Crackhouse."

For the time being I'll assume Perry doesn't have internet access at the crackhouse. If he has internet access, I think it is safe to assume he's not reading cab blogs. More likely he is viewing porno.

If I don't report back it would be an indication he is monitoring cab blogs.

I'm sure even Perry would agree that rockabilly music rocks.

"This video is no longer available"

Good luck with staying one step ahead of Perry...
Back now. Was only temporarily unavailable.
Go ahead and post the story. I'm sure your gun is biggger than Perry's gun. Your life insurance is paid up, isn't it?
The size of the gun doesn't matter when one has "the drop" on you. Even if he is a doper.
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