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Friday, May 30, 2008


The biggest event in Fairbanks since the Pope and Ronald Reagan were in town on the same day...

...and all I have is one humorous (i.e. Lame) story that I shouldn't even tell. Every person outside of Alaska will misunderstand, and Alaskans who have never interacted with elderly natives will also misunderstand.

Of course I would be referring to the Elton John concert....


I spent a couple hours recounting this story in blog form... and I decided it was better left untold. There's just too much room to misunderstand the picture I am trying to paint.

It was a "clash of cultures" story between elderly (very elderly) natives and western culture.

It involved Elton John, sexual orientation, and their native language, which I don't understand at all.

But what the hell. It's my blog and I'm at least going to leave this place-holder, because if I ever come back and am reminded of this story I may again laugh until I cry.

BTW. Was told by everyone who had seen it that Elton John still puts on a great show.

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