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Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Best tip ever?

Sooooooo, I didn't quite come to a complete stop and was pulled over by the Airport Police....

Picked up these two guys at Pikes to take to the airport. That's about a $1.50 trip. Had quite a while to talk to them while we were waiting for the cop to finish writing the ticket. Turns out they were workers from the North Slope (Prudhoe Bay for you outsiders) on their way home to the Lower 48. They had a long lay-over in Fairbanks and left the airport to have a few drinks at the bar while they were waiting.

They were both quite drunk and very irate. Not at me, but at the cop. I wasn't mad, I get a ticket about every 2 years and it had been about 2 1/2 years since my last ticket, I knew I was due. I also know that the Airport Police are hardasses, and I should have known better than not come to a complete stop for several seconds around the airport.

$100 ticket for failure to stop at a posted stop sign. Plus, we had to wait several more minutes while the cop checked the VIN number against the registration and some other BS.

When we got to the airport I told them not to worry about the fare. "Sorry about the delay. This trip is on me."

They were having none of that.

"No. Don't worry about it guys. Just let me give you a free ride. It's not a problem."

"F- that. Here's $50. That should be pay half the ticket."

Indeed it did.

Thank you again, guys.

There you go: the world is not yet totally overrun with assholes. Of course, when they sober up.... :)
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