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Thursday, April 24, 2008


Another second hand cab story

Warning: Adult Content

I read and re-read this piece and I think it is important to clarify this story was told by a female cab driver. I think that bit of knowledge is relevant to the story.
A driver picked up this chick who is known to rarely have money. Generally, she only takes cabs when there is a john who will pay her cab fare when she arrives. It is always good to call the john to ensure he is expecting to pay the cab fare.
She got into my cab and I immediately knew she had money. She had been walking the streets for hours and must have given several blow jobs.... I could smell it on her breath. Without having to ask she took some money out of her purse, waved it around, and said, "I have money tonight. Take me to (a certain drug infested apartment building)."

I knew it was the decoy money* long before I heard here counting out her change in the backseat.

Chick: Do you care if I pay with a couple dollars in change?

It just so happened that on that particular day the driver had brought a bunch of change into work, planning to sort it with the change counter at the Fred Meyer store.

Driver: I'll tell you what honey, today, and today only, I will not only let you pay your cab fare with change, I will buy all your change and give you paper bills for it.... That way you can feel like a real high-roller in the crack house.

Chick: Wooooooohoooooo. She threw her arms up and proceeded to do a jig in the back seat.

* Drug dealers don't like to take loose change. Crackheads will often show paper money to the cab driver, but pay with loose change in order to retain the paper money for drugs. - Decoy money.

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