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Monday, March 03, 2008


Strike th-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-irteen! You're out!

Picked up an under-age, drunk kid (strike one) with a bad attitude (strike two) on the south side of town (strike three). He was escorted to the car (strike four) by an irate woman who clearly wanted to make sure the kid left. The kid wouldn't give me the address he wanted to go to (strike five), he would only give me a general area.

It was a fairly long trip, probably 35-40 dollars, possibly more since I didn't have an exact address. About two blocks into the trip the kid questioned the direction I was going (not normally a strike, but in this instance he was so rude that it was two additional strikes, strikes six and seven). I asked where he wanted me to go and he indicated he wanted to take the long way (strike eight).

"It's a lot longer to go that way."

"I don't care." (Strike nine)

A fair rule of thumb is that people who request the long way are not paying for their own cab. Usually it means someone on the other end is paying, but sometimes they are planning to pay with a bum check, or they just plan to refuse to pay.

"This is going to be a $40 ride, if we go the short way. It'll be more to go that way."

"Just go that way."

"You got money?"

"Of course I have money. You want to check my wallet?"


"Are you serious?!?!"

Pulling over to the side of the street. "Yeah. I need to see it."

"I need to stop at the Denali State Bank by Justa Store to get the money." (Strike ten for lying about having money).

"Why don't we stop by the Denali State bank that is right over here? It's on the short route."

"(expletives deleted)! I want to stop at Denali State Bank by Justa Store."

"But this one is on the way."

More rudeness. (Strike eleven.)

"I'll tell you what. We will stop at this Denali State Bank, you can get your cash and pay up front."

"You want me to pay in advance? I ain't paying jack s*** in advance." (Strike twelve.)

"OK. You can wait for the next cab."

"You ain't taking me?!?!"

"No. And I'm warning the next driver to check you for money. And I'm calling the other company to warn them about this address."

"What did I ever do to you, man?"

"Nothing. And I plan on keeping it that way. I'm gonna go pick up someone with money."

"Can you call me another cab?"

"Absolutely. You want one of our cabs or one from another company?"

".........Just forget it, man."

Forgotten. Remembered just enough to blog about it.

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