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Tuesday, February 05, 2008


-53 and I have to change a tire on my car

Doesn't look like it is going to warm up in the next couple hours.


UPDATE: The trunk is frozen shut.

But it's warmed up to -48.

I blew a tire between Tok and the Canadian border a couple years ago. It was -55 according to my cars thermometer. I call it the fastest tire change in history!
After Coldie posted this, his car died. There was no choice but to take my car with the iffy tire into town. The tire was still leaking, but holding some air. It was an exciting drive at -50, dense ice fog and at least 3 wrecks on the Richardson. At least the trunk opened after sitting inside the tire shop.
Car update: Coldie's car is running. My got another flat tire. Found out that the spare tire is actually UNDER the car. Couldn't find the jack. Ahhh, the joys of living in Alaska.
Wow -54 bet you wish for global warming.
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