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Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Wild Political Speculation

A couple weeks back we heard the "news" that Barack Obama wanted to be President when he was in kindergarden.

I thought that story was odd, even absurd. Furthermore, I thought the media lingered a little too long on that story. Even by liberal, Clinton obsessed, media standards that's not a story worthy of 3 days of coverage.

My speculation:

The story wasn't important. It wasn't even a legitimate news story.

It was a message from the Clinton camp to the Obama camp, unwittingly transmitted by the Clinton-obsessed media.

Clinton was sending Obama a message that if he does too well the Clinton machine will take him down. They've done their homework, and they have the goods on Obama going back to his childhood. He has a choice, he can be the vice-Presidential candidate or he will be drug through the mud. After all, that is the only tactic in the Clinton playbook.

Taken in that light it all makes sense.

Been playing Illuminati much lately?

Kevin W.
We'll see how well Obama does in S. Carolina and Nevada, if he does well it will be fairly clear whether or not I am right very quickly.
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