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Monday, January 07, 2008

Once in a while you will meet a random individual who is truly politically informed. It really doesn't happen very often, most people still think Bush is running for re-election, and that Al Gore actually won in Florida in 2000.

It is even more surprising when the informed individual is a stripper. For those of you who may have never given a stripper a cab ride, strippers talk about A) other strippers B) geeky men at the strip club C) parties. In that order.

True story: Gave a stripper a cab ride the other night. I had the radio tuned to the news channel and the topic was the Iowa caucuses. We started talking about the Presidential race, and she was surprisingly informed. Scarily so. She even had a firm understanding of Hillary's "Rose Law Firm billing records scandal".

She is a Ron Paul supporter, btw.

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