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Friday, January 18, 2008


On Black Helicopters

I guess it's not just me. People are starting to talk about helicopters in Fairbanks. It was a topic on the local radio show the other day and I read a story from a local musher who was tailed by 3 helicopters while taking her dogs for a run.

We have noticed many helicopters flying low overhead at our house in the last couple months. Of course I live a couple hundred yards from the Alaska pipeline and I attribute the increase in air traffic to an increase in patrols of the pipeline.

A few months ago I had helicopters throw a spotlight on my taxi as I drove on Ft. Wainwright. It happened a couple times in one week and I figured they were just training. If I had not had passengers in the cab I would have slammed on the brakes, thrown the car into reverse, and thrown my spotlight on the helicopter just to mess with them. Most of our cabs are retired cop cars. We get them with the spotlight still attached. The spotlights come in quite handy when looking for an address in the middle of the night, or doing a lockout in a poorly lit location.

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