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Sunday, January 20, 2008


Boardgame content, anyone?

This is supposed to primarily be a boardgame blog, after all.

Not to be confused with real boardgame content. This post is just masquerading as content.

Top 10 games I own, haven't played, and want to play.

10. Kreta

9. Shogun

8. Blue Moon City

7. La Citta

6. Quo Vadis

5. Perikles

4. Medici

3. Borderlands (No Doug. It really is a game.)

2. 7 Ages

1. Die Macher

Any volunteers to help me whittle down my pile of unplayed games?

By my calculations, if I am able to play these games there would still be 131 more that need to be played.

Perikles and Blue Moon City have been big hits over here a WAGS, though for very different reasons.

Perikles is a very good "big strategy" game that doesn't fall in the trap of needing billions of pieces or horribly complicated rules to get there. Kind of a cross between El Grande and a war game. Blue Moon City is an excellent, balanced not-very-heavy game which I've enjoyed for it's interesting card play.

Quo Vadis is also good, but I can't help feeling it needs a bit more going on.
My suggestion: La Citta. One of my favorites, but only with 2-3 players. If you like Puerto Rico, you probably like La Citta.

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