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Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Holy Crap Batman! I think I made the back cover of a real book!

Thanks to fellow boardgame blogger Yehuda for pointing this out in his blog.

A year or eighteen months ago a German fellow, Peer Sylvester, sent me an E-mail stating he was writing a book about boardgaming around the world. He asked me a couple leading questions and I was off to the races, giving him much more information than he would ever need.

Apparently the book has been published. Of course it is in German.

Click on the picture for a bigger view.

I lifted this picture of the book cover from Boardgamegeek. Here's the link to the book on BGG. I suspect that the Brian in Alaska referred to on the back cover is me. (Close translation: In Alaska Brian travels some hundred miles to play games. Actually I think I told him I have driven all the way to Anchorage just to play a solitary game.)

That's pretty cool, and I guess he really did find the info you shared with him useful.
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