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Friday, December 21, 2007


Going, going, going, Gone Gaming

Gone Gaming, the boardgame blog which I helped to organize a couple years ago, is closing up shop. The contributors will be merging with the bloggers at BoardgameNews.com.

Due to blog burnout I haven't contributed to Gone Gaming is a year or so, but due to a glitch in Blogger my name can't be removed from the contributor list in the left hand column.

Gone Gaming was the first major grassroots, group boardgame blog, and was started back when blogs still had that new blog smell. The internet game seller, Gamefest, had a lineup of bloggers before Gone Gaming, but they were established boardgame personalities writing for a commercial site, and they didn't last very long. In fact one of the reasons I organized Gone Gaming was the fact I missed the daily boardgame blog format of Gamefest. Now boardgame blogs are a dime a dozen, and with an RSS aggregator you can easily get a boardgame fix every day.

The nice folks at Gone Gaming have asked me and the other early contributors who are no longer members to contribute one last piece. As of January 1, Gone Gaming shall be no more.

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