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Sunday, December 23, 2007


For the first time in many months...

...I'm ahead of the curve on a recently released game.

Played Cuba last night and must say I enjoyed it.

Although I made several strategic blunders as I felt my way through the initial game it wasn't a game that caused me to think about how to improve my score after the game was over.

Likewise, when the game was over there wasn't a call from the group to play again, although everyone seemed to enjoy the game. Instead we played two games of Yspahan, a game none of us are particularly fond of.

As is the case with many well designed games, in Cuba players aren't able to accomplish everything they wish to accomplish and must make decisions which actions will reap the most rewards. I was left with the feeling that the decisions in Cuba were meaningful, and with good play you could screw with your opponent's plans, although other commentators disagree with this.

Take for example the assortment of buildings players can build, each of which will allow the player some small advantage later in the game. (Very similar to Puerto Rico.) I particularly like the fact that there is only one of each building. Once a building is bought out from under you, you will have to adjust your strategy accordingly.

Others have commented that Cuba is a mishmash of mechanics that may or may not work well together. I was not left feeling that the game was a cobble job of mechanics any more than Puerto Rico is a mishmash depending upon which roles you choose.

I very much look forward to playing again.

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